Who We Are

Who We Are


Our mission is to partner with families to raise children who are Boldly Christian, Academically Equipped, and Globally Prepared for every good work.

Boldly Christian

It is our heart to help our students develop their faith in Christ, to help them live out their faith, and to share this faith with others. This is our philosophy in everything we do, including classroom lectures, homework, athletics, clubs, and daily life.

Academically Equipped

We help develop and nurture academic competence through learning opportunities that result in students who are competitive, engaged, and successful in the world around them.

Globally Prepared

In a world that is increasingly interconnected and multicultural, we teach students how to live outside of themselves, to give for the sake of others, to have a heart that breaks for the weak and the broken, and to be moved to do something about it. Our students are prepared both spiritually and academically with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the global world, international issues, and cultural differences.

School Leadership

Board of Directors


RCS is centered on being “Boldly Christian” and having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior!

Our campus is proud to represent over 70 churches and 23 denominations in the Northern Colorado/Southern Wyoming region.  We love the diversity these believers bring to our school.

In our classrooms, staff integrate the Bible into their lessons and conversations with students, pray with and for students, and actively seek continual growth in their relationships with Jesus.

You will also find students learning to go to the Bible as the infallible Word of God and guide for their daily lives, willing and excited about joining their peers in prayer, and exploring Biblically-based lessons that are relevant to their lives.

Our weekly chapel services at both the elementary and secondary levels are filled with joyous praise and singing as well as timely and applicable lessons for life continually seeking to know Jesus more.

Church Affiliation

In 1998, Rez.Church founded Resurrection Christian School, beginning with an elementary school wing and a vision to expand to offer a pre-k-12th grade Christian education to our surrounding communities. Rez.Church donated over 12 million dollars in facilities over the last 20 years to allow RCS to expand, and it is now the largest private Christian school in Northern Colorado. Resurrection Christian School currently serves nearly 700 families from 19 communities within a 25-mile radius. RCS staff and families attend over 70 different churches and 21 denominations and affiliations. It is truly a great mission and we are grateful for our relationship with Rez.Church! For more information on church services times visit Rez.Church. You can also book a tour to visit the RCS campus!