Rogene Lowe newsletter

Dear high school parents,

Second semester finals are scheduled for  the mornings of May 20-22. Final exams  constitute 15-20% of the semester grade, so it is extremely important that high school students are present and prepared. We don’t offer early exams, so please make those test dates a priority.

Parents, ask your student about their upcoming finals.  For example, what type of final is each teacher giving?  Will the final be comprehensive in nature, covering a variety of concepts that were taught throughout the semester……. or, is the final over a specific chapter or unit?  What has the teacher offered for study tips, such as a study guide or outline?   Will the exam include essay questions? Knowing the answers to these questions will help your student more successfully prepare for 7-8 different final exams.  Encourage your student to set aside some study time each evening for at least a week prior to the finals, so they are not cramming the night before.

Please take the opportunity to look at the exam schedule, so that you and your student know which exams are offered each of the three days.  If you have questions about specific exams, contact the appropriate teacher or the high school office.  We want your students to be prepared for semester exams and feel confident that they are ready for the next year.