Rogene Lowe

Greetings from RCS community!

This is my seventh year as the high school principal at RCS, and I am so very thankful to be here. I feel so incredibly blessed that God lead me to RCS to be a part of His Kingdom work. It never ceases to amaze me how God purposely weaves together staff and families, so that we can partner in raising up a generation who will impact the 21st century for Christ.

With undergraduate studies in science and pre-med, I spent several years pursuing a career in the medical field. I actually had aspirations of becoming an epidemiologist who would travel around the world to eliminate infectious diseases! It did not take me long to realize, however, that God had another plan for my life. After earning an advanced degree in education from Colorado Christian University, I spent time in various aspects of public education before being offered a position in a Christian school in south Denver. This was new territory for me, being in a position to openly share my faith with students every day. I loved it from the beginning and still love it today!

I encourage you to seek God’s plans for your children’s education through their formative years. If you believe that RCS is part of His master plan, we will come alongside you in preparing them for all that God has in store.