Joseph Chen

Hello! Thank you for investing in your child’s education and life by visiting our website! It’s an honor that you are looking into our school to partner with your family.

I grew up in Denver and then went off to Baylor University in Waco, Texas where I met my beautiful wife. We have our first baby boy on the way at the end of January!

I graduated with a double major in Marketing as well as Professional Selling. I worked for several years in corporate sales in Texas as well as in Northern Colorado. What this ultimately means is I have a passion and calling to connect people’s needs and desires to their best possible solutions and providers.

God called me out of corporate sales to come work for RCS to help the amazing NoCo community connect with His work at our school. It’s my job to help anyone wanting a quality Christian education to see if RCS is the right fit and home for them.

Come check us out!