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Upcoming Ways to Enrich Your Child’s Private School Education

September 15, 2018

Fall is nearly here and there are opportunities to enrich an education everywhere you look. Encouraging your child to find something to enjoy and building happy memories in every season as the year progresses is a great way to combat the seasonal depression that nearly everyone becomes a victim of in the middle of January.…

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What is the Long Term Effect of High Expectations On Your Child?

September 5, 2018

If you’re pondering sending your child to private schooling, chances are you’re concerned with the long-term success of your child and you have high expectations. Everyone has big dreams for their children from the moment they come into the world, but very few people actually help their children pursue the future that parents always figured…

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Creative Ways to Further Your Child’s Private School Education

August 5, 2018

As a parent, it can be extremely hard to keep your child active and engaged in their education during the summer and other holidays. With sports and other extracurricular activities, keeping priorities straight can be such a challenge. If you’re looking to provide your child with the best opportunities as they grow into adulthood, you’re…

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The Importance of Art in Education

July 13, 2018

Art can appear in many forms and is one of the single most versatile ideas that humanity has managed to produce. Fine art can appear as that painting that you’re awfully attached to hanging in your entryway. It could be your favorite novel from your childhood. It could be the play you saw in your…

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