Elementary School

Elementary School

Academic Excellence:

  • 90% of our students scored at benchmark or above on the DIBELS (Dynamic Indicator of Basic Early Literacy Skills) Test.
  • We believe in our students reaching the highest academic standards. To achieve the quality we desire, no one set of standards is thorough enough. As a private Christian school in Northern Colorado, we appeal to the very best education has to offer. We align ourselves with a combination of state and national standards, as well as those from various learned societies. Further, we keep our curriculum and instructional methodology relevant by tracking current, research-based trends and best practices.
  • RCS students score in the top 12% of students who take the MAP Test (Measure of Academic Progress).


  • 5 sections of Kindergarten and 4 sections of Grades 1-5
  • Colorado State Certified teachers
  • Bible, Art, Music, PE, Library classes
  • Integration of Technology in the classroom

Academics at RCS Elementary

At RCS Elementary, teachers teach to grade-level benchmark standards.

Language Arts: Wonders, McGraw-Hill, Math: Math Expressions, Houghton Mifflin, Handwriting: Zaner Blozer style, Social Studies: Heritage, Bob Jones Press, Bible: Bible Choices, Standard

The core of lesson planning centers on biblical integration.  This curriculum is organized, systematic, and sequential.  Students are monitored for literacy and mathematics achievement, and are
taught according to the level which meets their needs, either for remediation or challenge.

In addition to the core academic subjects of mathematics, language arts, history, and science, we are committed to offering a broad range of enrichment classes to promote the development of the whole child.  We seek students that understand the many pathways to learning and expression and can succeed both at critical thinking and creative living.

On a personal level, the teachers and staff at RCS Elementary staff are uniquely nurturing, loving and caring.  Interpersonal relationships are a keystone of our mission at RCS. Teachers seek to encourage and equip every student both personally and academically as they progress through each grade.

An important aspect of building relationships is making sure that class sizes are kept small enough to permit the teachers to get to know each of their students. Kindergarten classes are limited to 18 students in each class; first-grade classes are limited to 25 and all other grades are limited to 26 per class.

RCS helps students develop academically, spiritually, and emotionally.  We integrate a whole-child approach to learning, teaching, and community engagement so that they are equipped to grow into strong Christians who are able to meet the challenges of a fallen world.

Our Kindergarten Program

Our kindergarten offers a strong academic program enhanced with daily times for music, PE, art, library, music, technology, and recess in a child-centered environment.

We offer a half-day program and a full-day program which includes a half-day of academics and a half-day of enrichment.

Our Kindergarten Enrichment curriculum reinforces what children learn in kindergarten, giving them an opportunity to explore educational activities while introducing them to material that is fresh and exciting.

Spiritual Development


Every week, RCS elementary students attend chapel, which is an extraordinary time to meet as a community, experiencing praise, worship, laughter, and learning. Students have the freedom to worship God in their own individual way. With the backdrop of Rez. Churches’ facilities, different themes take place each year. The lessons provide a scriptural foundation that fosters spiritual growth, both individually and relationally. We encourage parents to come to Chapel and experience it for themselves. It is an indescribable experience!

5th Grade Leadership

The goal of the fifth-grade leadership program is to provide a foundation that prepares our students for middle school.  The program focuses on building confidence, understanding leadership from a perspective of positive influence, community involvement, teamwork, identifying and using personal gifts and abilities, character development, and developing positive peer relationships.

The leadership program begins the year with an overnight retreat which involves ropes courses, zip-lines, team building, and relationship building.

As part of the leadership program, students are responsible for mentoring and encouraging a small group of younger elementary students.  They are taught how to manage groups, plan, design, and implement projects as a leader.

MAP/Dibels Scores for RCS