The Importance of Art in Education - Part 2

The Importance of Art in Education – Part 2

Resurrection Christian School puts an ever-growing emphasis on arts education. As continued studies roll in that qualify how effective the practice of providing a well-rounded education is to enhance childhood and craft adults that won’t only be productive members of society, but virtuous members of society. In our previous blog, we discussed the various academic uses for fine arts in education and how they can actively help children develop better motor skills and emotional intelligence. As we continue our exploration of the topic we’ll discuss the influence of fine arts outside of the academic realm and where the two realms cross paths along with the benefits it provides.

Non-Academic Purposes

Fine arts leave an impression in our young minds that last for a lifetime in several ways. Specifically, can you recall a time in your youth when you created something and received accolades for your work, as well as experiencing the joy of creation? If you can recall the memory, it made an impression on your young mind and it’s no doubt surrounded by positive feelings and you might even reminisce fondly over it. That’s because it encouraged those grains of self-confidence and gifted you with self-esteem. You created something that people thought was worthwhile, and it’s hard not to project those feelings from the creation onto yourself. In fact, we’d be willing to wager that it probably motivated you to create more and more often. In addition to these favorable results, it most likely created an aesthetic awareness in you as well as cultural exposure, creativity, social harmony, and even improved your emotional expression. These measurable benefits are the keys to creating healthy coping mechanisms as an adult. In fact, the list of non-academic benefits continues with studies that suggest that fine arts in education help students who would not normally be reached and find academic success.

The results of social experience enhancements are immediately visible, and help students connect with each other based off of those shared passions. Perhaps most notably is that it effectively changes the learning environment into one of discovery which harkens back to one of our previous blogs of game theory learning strategies being one of the newest research backed study strategies on the market. Encouraging discovery creates lifelong learners that are as adaptive and witty as Scarlett O’Hara, and what’s more is they’ll be able to understand that reference. Keeping artful literature that encourages abstract thought as well as showing profoundly flawed heroes is one of the widely acknowledged ways to not only foster self-confidence, but also self-forgiveness, a patently Christian principle that serves as a major pillar of success for many Christians.  

The Leading Christian School Near You

If you’re looking for a private school experience that emphasizes the right things in their curriculum, look to Resurrection Christian School. We provide a private school experience structured around fine arts, well-rounded STEM, an emphasis on powerful literature, and Christian values. Feel free to look through our thorough and well-designed curriculum and if you’re looking for auxiliary activities for your child to participate in that will enhance their love of the arts and culture, watch our blog for day outing suggestions over the summer and winter breaks.