Creative Ways to Further Your Child’s Private School Education

As a parent, it can be extremely hard to keep your child active and engaged in their education during the summer and other holidays. With sports and other extracurricular activities, keeping priorities straight can be such a challenge. If you’re looking to provide your child with the best opportunities as they grow into adulthood, you’re already investing in private schooling for them. Luckily, the Northern corridor of Colorado is filled to the brim with enriching cultural learning experiences as well as scientific areas of research. From the mountains teeming with life and biological study opportunities to the rich and complex cultural centers in Denver. If you’re looking for a way to open your child’s eyes to the beauty in the world and the profound quality of the human mind, you’ll find no better way of achieving this goal than by introducing them to the wonders of the art world early on. As Christians and cultural connoisseurs, we believe it’s never too early to start showing your child the beauty and wonder in the world we occupy and how it’s filtered through an artists mind. If you’re looking for the best way to begin presenting this aspect of life to them, we can recommend very few things better than Denver’s art museums.

The Denver Art Museum

When you first picture the Denver Art Museum, you might not think much of it, but it’s fairly impressive. Apart from some truly decent collections that feature prominent local artists as well as other artists, the entire art complex features a variety of beautiful exhibitions that have been curated by some of the best artistic minds. As far as current exhibitions that you can view, you might consider checking out ‘Eyes On,” a film by Shimabuku. It’s a film centered around Japanese snow monkeys living in the Texas desert sanctuary and adapting since they were brought there in the 1970s.

If you’re fascinated by the interactive art trends like those that are featured in Meow Wolf in Sante Fe, then you’ll like find the “Past the Tangled Present” to be incredibly satisfying. It features a variety of 3D art installations that, while not as immersive as Meow Wolf itself is clearly in the same vein.

Do the gentle, yet purposeful brush strokes of Monet enchant you? You’ll need to catch the Monet exhibit arriving on October 20th. We know with all of the extra-curricular activities your family participates in over the year that may prove hard to make it to this event, but we think it’s at least worth a try. In the sense that art is as much about interpreting your own surroundings in a new way it’s also about understanding how artists can shift perception and filter thoughts and feelings through swift brush strokes and elaborate craftsmanship. More than a naturalist, Monet’s softer impressions of the world and his gentle way of depicting people among nature never fail to prompt one to draw into oneself and start to understand your own inner workings and musings better.

What the Art District Can Offer

Beyond the Denver Art Museum, there are a number of incredible art installments featuring the contemporary art movements of the early and mid-twentieth century. The Clifford Still Museum features all of his work in one place. We wouldn’t recommend the exhibit for younger children as a more mature mind will find the simplistic shapes and larger than life canvases to be more enthralling than young children will. The building is a piece of contemporary and nearly brutalist architecture of its own and the interior is as stunning and sparse as Clifford’s work. Upon donating his entire body of work to this particular museum, Clifford, a man known as one of the most prominent and brooding contemporary artists from the period, insisted that his work could only be viewed side-by-side with its brothers and never with another artist’s work. Seeing this theory play out in the museum itself is astounding and captivating in its own way.

The Newest Addition

One of the most important parts of studying art is seeing a wide variety. Expanding on your own ideas of style and pushing what you think is beautiful to the limit, is the only true way to appreciate art, and by extension, the world itself. For this purpose, we highly recommend visiting the Vance Kirkland Museum. He’s a local artist with plenty of notable accomplishments and a number of prodigies that have excelled in their own right in a different field of work. The charming exhibition started in Vance’s personal home on Pearl Street in Denver and was recently moved to its new location not far from the Denver Art Museum and library. His body of work is stunning and enthralling in a way that’s hard to describe. Throughout the museum, a piece of art of its own since part of the building is built onto his rather small Pearl street home which they picked up and moved across town. As you waltz through the “salon style” museum (defined as a mixture of showing fine art in the same galleries as decorative art to promote the idea that you’re viewing the work in someone’s home rather than a gallery) you’ll watch Kirkland’s work unfold through the years. Catch his his early days of designed realism, full of stunning midnight deserts, to his melting, dramatic surrealist pieces to the hard-edge abstraction on huge canvases with bright enthralling colors, to his amazing dot paintings.

The Dot Paintings

In fact, the Vance Kirkland museum has just recently opened to rave reviews and enchants anyone who goes to witness it. Through his abstract expressionism, where Vance started investing his time and creativity into creating larger than life paintings that could boast various innovative painting techniques. In fact, he created several styles of painting though most notable is his dot technique and his practice of mixing watercolors and denatured alcohol to provide strange, mottled textures that added to the composition and complexity of the piece overall. He eventually started to focus those efforts on his dot paintings that were inspired by constellations. The museum you can see the self-designed brace that he would hoist himself into to paint individual dots of oil paint onto large canvases to depict his ideas of the universe and beauty around him.

Invest in Private Schooling and Invest in Full Life For Your Child

It’s been widely accepted that investing in private schooling, especially one with as many accolades as Resurrection Christian School, is the best way to instill a love of culture and talent into your child. For years those from private schools have been regarded as more in-tuned to the art world. Invest in an education that values traditional values and various expressions of beauty that expand our mind and our appreciation of the world around us. View our curriculums and tuition to get started on your new journey.