Resurrection Christian School Parent Teacher Fellowship

“Enriching School Culture with Parent Engagement and Teacher Support.”

Our PTF Leadership team’s desire is to build a strong, unified Christian community that promotes parent involvement and teacher support.  We also believe that giving your heart and time to your student, teacher, and school staff is a valuable investment.  RCS is a family and PTF has been created to craft and establish our family culture.


What does PTF do?

Our PTF Leadership Team and parent volunteers love serving. The primary ways the PTF provides support includes:

  • Being an additional channel of communication between RCS and parent volunteers
  • Coordinating volunteer opportunities to enrich our school support 
  • Hosting social events and creating outlets for RCS families to form strong, supportive relationships

Current Announcements

PTF has regular opportunities for anyone looking to get involved in the following areas: Teacher and Staff Support, Alumni & New Family Connections, Cougar Family Culture Events, and General Volunteering in every grade level.  Our team is excited about the accomplishments of 2021 and looking forward to more in 2022.  Take a look at the info below, complete a volunteer form, or feel free to reach out via email with any questions or to get connected.

How to get involved

Fill out the form below to be added to our list of PTF volunteers. Be sure to indicate your areas of interest.  You can also reach out to directly to connect with us!


2021-22 General Opportunities We’re Excited About!

  • Back to School Bash 
  • Grade Level and Class Representatives
  • Social Connections
  • New Family and Alumni Connections
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Educational Parent Seminars and Social Events
  • And More to Come!

Meet the PTF Team

Racole Nguyen
Noah Hutchison
Janelle Highstreet