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Value, purpose, and a sense of belonging. All of these attributes are debatably some of the most important and desired qualities any parent is searching for when weighing their child’s education. Regardless of age, choosing a school requires an overwhelming amount of research, consideration, and contemplation. Resurrection Christian School has built a foundation focused on the intention of creating a safe and nurturing environment for children to learn, grow, and develop their self confidence while being challenged in their education and meeting their potential. Our passion is to establish a bold and strong culture of choosing Christ first, and raising our young people to love and honor God, their family, and their community. We are here to provide high-quality education and a solid foundation for your children. Above all, we know there are wonderful options for schooling in northern Colorado. The real question is, what makes private school so beneficial for your children?

Why a Private School?

Whether you personally have attended a private school, or someone you know has, there is no doubt that their popularity is starting to skyrocket. There are some important aspects to further dissect to help understand why it is that private schools are starting to be sought out more. Statistically, parents have multiple reasons for choosing a private school for their children. First and foremost, identifying as a private school allows independence from the regulated public school system. Resurrection Christian School has been able to develop a solid foundation in the community for thousands of families over the years, all with the bold stance of our grounding in God. Here are a few of the reasons parents are choosing private school versus public, and potentially a few points to consider if you’re on the fence for your own children.

Better Learning Environment

To help better identify what the reasons are for choosing a public school, a poll was taken asking parents what factors played the largest role in their decision. At the top of the list was a better learning environment, and better education. One of the best benefits of private school is the opportunity for kids to excel in multiple subjects, and even the ability to excel beyond what a typical public school can offer. Due to the ability to have smaller class sizes, private school are able to hone in on individual students and help the classroom by gauging the needs of their students as a whole. Our focus at RCS is to go beyond encouraging students, and instill the integrity and values that are necessary to be a successful adult who cares about their community and invests in those around them. By mirroring these methods in our classrooms and through our intentional education system, your child will learn the value of education and reap the benefits for years to come.


The Bigger Picture

One of the most important things to understand when choosing a private school is the bigger picture. Establishing a solid foundation is only part of the goal. The next step for most high school graduates, is college.

Preparing your child for long-term success is a priority taken seriously by our staff. The same poll showed that about 64 percent of parents choose a private school based on the college preparation approach offered, whether specific classes or academic structure. It has been shown that private school students score above the proficient level in subjects like reading and math, and prove to have strong academic success in difficult courses more-so than public school students.

In a study conducted by NCES, a survey was done to prove the value of private versus public in the aspect of being “college and career prepared”. Here were their findings:



Resurrection Christian School is passionate about equipping our younger generations with what they need to grow and succeed both now, and into their future. Creating an atmosphere where a high level of academic achievement is the norm is a primary step to setting our students up for future success. Our smaller class ratios have enabled each student to receive more one on one attention and help when needed. As a direct result, each individual is able to excel in their unique potential. Maintaining a structure where students are met on the level they learn is a responsibility we take seriously and intentionally. The more each student understands their value to their teachers and peers, the more likely they are to succeed in school.

Beyond academics, these students need to know they are cared about. When you feel valued as an individual, you are able to pour out into those around you and the community as a whole. A study conducted with elementary teachers showed the significant difference of how many issues were cited in a public school setting versus a private school. Here were the findings:


This brings up an interesting visual to understand what a teacher in a private school – versus a teacher in a public school – has to face in their day. Instead of it being an issue of academic ability, it’s very evident that many other factors come into play. When class sizes are larger in the midst of daily struggles, it removes a percentage of their ability to teach and invest in each student.

This is why Resurrection Christian School puts an emphasis on the value of the class ratio, as well as the character of our staff. Dealing with daily struggles is a part of life, and if the student understands that they’re valued by their teacher, it will often directly help them in the classroom. Moreover, we strive to be concerned about our students as individuals, not just the grades they have. Providing a safe, healthy environment for them to grow and be supported is part of the success or our system.

Embodying the love of Christ and creating a parent-involved foundation in our school system has been our foundation here at Resurrection. From sports, to academics, to extracurricular activities, your child will have a loving, intentional environment in which you can trust your child will flourish. Take a virtual tour of our campus, or give us a call with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

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