Why Continuous Enrollment?

There are three reasons we are moving from an annual re-enrollment to a continues enrollment process.

Simplify & Streamline − Over 90% of RCS families re-enroll every year. Instead of asking all RCS parents to go through the yearly hassle of completing a full enrollment for each of their children, continuous enrollment is a “set it and forget it” model that allows parents to know they always have a place at RCS. Continuous enrollment eliminates unnecessary work and stress for parents.

Planning − RCS makes staffing and budgetary decisions based upon parents’ representation that their children will attend RCS the following year. Financial commitment allows RCS to better fulfill our purpose and mission in the lives of students. Continuous enrollment helps us maximize our resources to provide a Christian education to our families at the highest level of excellence.

Focused Attention − The admission season each year presents challenges and obstacles for families who are working through unique circumstances. Continuous enrollment allows RCS to work more closely with the less than 10% of families that require additional assistance during these times.