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EmployeeDepartmentJob TitleEmail
Cheramie, Lynn DistrictDirector of
Conradson, Heather DistrictAssistant to
Davis, Brittany DistrictDirector of Admissions &
Helman, Sheila DistrictStaff
Ketteridge, AdamDistrictMaintenance Assistant & Head of
Susemihl, Camille DistrictDirector of
Townsend, Karen
Vander Wal, Brooke DistrictDirector of
Ailes, Allison Elementary
Bares, Hedwig Elementary
Brzeinski, Jessica Elementary
Burgess, Sheila Elementary SchoolEducational
Colburn, Heather Elementary
Coles, Joscelyn Elementary
Conrad, Jason Elementary
Ells, Christine Elementary
Eshleman, Jennifer Elementary
Espedal, Amy Elementary
Evans, Jami Elementary SchoolEducational
Gallagher, Olivia Elementary
Glashower, Kayla Elementary
Green, Betsy Elementary
Ham, Kaylee Elementary
Hand, Inta Elementary
Hoppe, Patty Elementary SchoolElementary School
Howell, Tess Elementary
Isler, Rachel Elementary
Jones, KatieElementary
Kidd, Mackenzie Elementary
Kline, Deborah Elementary SchoolAdministrative
Koch, Carrie Elementary SchoolAssistant
Magruder, Amy Elementary
Martin, Kimberly Elementary
McCreery, Madison Elementary
McDowell, Nicole Elementary
McIntosh, Colleen Elementary
Miller, Angela Elementary
Ritzer, Emily Elementary
Rogers, Kristen Elementary
Scheer, Meghan Elementary
Scherr, Bonnie Elementary SchoolAcademic
Shafer, Adriena Elementary SchoolAdministrative
Skelton, Brianna Elementary
Soliday, Elizabeth Elementary
Wagner, Amy Elementary
White, Casey Elementary
Wold, LoriElementary
Anderson, Jeremy Middle
Blair, Carson Middle
Boucher, Julie Middle
Brolsma, Eric Middle
Cunningham, Heidi Middle
Ensworth, JohnMiddle
Good, Rachel Middle
Graff, Michelle Middle SchoolMiddle School Dean of
Hanft, Elizabeth Middle
Jobe, Shonda Middle SchoolAdministrative
Kleiber, Elizabeth Middle
Lanzo, Chad Middle
Mathews, Nyssa Middle
Miller, Melanie Middle
Murrow, Jenny Middle SchoolAdministrative
Orth, James Middle
Osterlund, Cierra Middle
Romey, Debra Middle
Turner, Alyssa Middle
Welander, Becky Middle
Williams, Wade Middle SchoolMiddle School
Anderson, Matt High
Ausenhus, David High SchoolHigh School Dean of
Chartier, MaraHigh SchoolAdministrative
Dupre, Madison High
Ferren, Justin High
Fowler, Ashley High
Harrington, Kathryn High
Howard, Shay High SchoolGuidance
Krueger, Christopher High
Lehman, Nicole High
Lowe, Kacey High
Lowe, Rogene High SchoolHigh School
Mathews, Sara High
McCarthy, Heidi High SchoolAdministrative
Otteman, Brenda High
Pence, JakeHigh
Radford, Jane High SchoolGuidance
Roser, Petra High
Salehi, Cyrus High
Scott, Austin High
Scott, William High
Silvers, Mark High
Skipworth, Abigail High SchoolAdministrative
Smith, Angela High
Spencer, Rachel High
Wapnick, Jason High
Knab, Dan AthleticsAthletic
Reeser, Cara AthleticsAdministrative
Smith, Levi AthleticsAthletic Department
Alberts, Julia
Alcantar, Michele
Anderson, Julia
Barker, Karen
Barnes, Amanda
Brand, Anissa
Corrigan, Mary-Allison
Del Moral, Sarah
Delehoy, Kris
Fetzer, Amy
Fletcher, Ellen
Griffin, Jennifer
Hood, Becky PreschoolAdministrative
Koons, Deborah
Layne, Sarah
Luckeroth, Dayna
Noel, Ariel
Onda, Debra
Peltz, Tiffany PreschoolAdministrative
Potkonjak, Kimberly
Roth, Cathi PreschoolDirector of
Ruffing, Andrea
Vecchio, Annie
Vessiny, Susan
Dickens, Kimberli CaféDirector of Food
Morissette, Tiffany CaféCafé
Romero, Trudi CaféCafé
Stevenson, Debra CaféCafé