The Importance of Being a Part of a Local Church Family (1)

Why Be a Part of a Church Family ?

Many families today have reduced the church’s importance by making it one of several options for personal development — even Christian families. School involvement, sports teams, and other extracurricular activities may keep families away from the church, especially if children attend a Christian School. After all, our children are surrounded by other Christian kids and godly teachers throughout the week, being taught God’s Word and the value of a Biblical worldview. What’s the big deal about going to church, therefore, if we don’t have a church family or make it there all the time?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe in Christian Education — obviously. And, Christian Schools are a great blessing to children and their families! The problem comes when we neglect involvement in our local church because we’ve chosen to pour our time and resources into other things – even the ministry of a Christian School like ours — instead of the church.

Parents, considering this, here are three reasons I believe it’s important to keep the local church central in your family life:

The Church Is God’s Idea for a Purpose

While there are many things calling for our engagement these days, the local church should take precedence because it’s been ordained by God as the primary vessel through which he brings his kingdom to earth (Matthew 16:18-19). As believers in Christ, we are citizens of God’s kingdom, and our union with him is seen and experienced in our union with the local church. This makes the church unique as a high priority among other places we may choose to involve ourselves.

The Church Is Important For Our Spiritual Growth

At the heart of the choices we make for our children is a desire to see them flourish. We enroll them in sports and extracurriculars because we want them to use their talents and realize their potential. It’s probably at the heart of why you enrolled them here at RCS, right? But if flourishing in these pursuits means neglecting the church, we’re not providing the proper nourishment that will feed our children’s souls long into adulthood. Other activities – even enrollment in RCS — can’t offer what the local church uniquely provides according to its Biblical purpose (Matthew 28:16; Psalm 150; 2 Corinthians 4:5; Hebrews 10:25).

In the church, as families, we experience together the Lord’s Supper / Communion, worship, and the teaching of God’s Word to point us to Christ and show us how to live as individuals and as a family in today’s world. And being accountable to and encouraged by other believers and godly leaders is necessary to stand firm in life’s trials and to stay on track in our walks with God.

The Church is Our True Spiritual Family

Most places of community are not intended to last a lifetime, even Christian Schools like RCS. We lose connectedness in school and sports communities when our kids graduate or move on to a different team. The church’s relationships are different. We’re connected to this spiritual family called the church because we belong to Christ, and we need them for support in life’s trials and for sharpening as we grow in our understanding of God and his Word. Your children need to know the importance of this spiritual family outside of their clubs and sports teams — and even their enrollment in the RCS family. The church is a family who will be there for them in their faith journey and who will love on them for longer than a season and in a more comprehensive way.


As much as I’m thrilled to have you as a part of our RCS Elementary community, I want to strongly encourage you to make your local church a priority for your family. In doing so, you and your children will reap the blessings and benefits desired by God for your family, and experience Christ’s love made manifest in and through His forever family, the church.


-Patty & Pastor Bruce Hoppe