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Resurrection Christian School’s Commitment to Being Boldly Christian

In a world that often challenges the values and principles held by Christians, Resurrection Christian School stands committed to the teachings of Christ. Along with being committed to academic excellence, this school stands firmly in its dedication to teaching students about being boldly Christian in a world with conflicting influences and beliefs.

Firm Foundation in Faith:

At Resurrection Christian School, the foundation of the institution’s identity is its bold commitment to Christian principles. From the moment a student walks through its doors, they are welcomed into an environment that supports a deep connection with God. All staff encourage students to dig deeper into their faith and develop a strong relationship with God. We recognize that a person’s belief system is a foundation for the way they chose to live out their lives and choices, so teaching students to stand firmly in their beliefs will keep them on a faithful and Godly path. We also recognize that to be a bold Christians, students need to learn how to own their faith and know in themselves the real reasons why they believe in Christ. At RCS, we believe that we must help our students navigate how to own their faith through discussion and the answering of difficult questions so that they can enter the world ready to share their faith and stand firm in it.

Integration of Faith and Learning: 

Resurrection Christian School believes that faith should not be isolated to chapel sessions or bible classes alone. This school takes pride in integrating Christian values into every subject, allowing students to see the relevance of faith in their daily lives. Whether in mathematics, science, literature, or the arts, students are encouraged to explore how their faith intersects with their academic and extracurricular interests. Discussions, questions, and debates are encouraged and integrated into each class’s coursework and curriculum. Not only are students able to explore their interests in the sciences, literature, business, agriculture, technology, and public service, but they are given the opportunity to learn how to apply Christian faith and values to everyday subjects and future careers. We desire our students to see that their faith is not limited to just their personal lives, but is limitless in that it applies to every dream, career, and person that our students are passionate about.

Creating Critical Thinkers:

In a world flooded with information and ideologies, RCS equips students to think critically and discerningly through a biblical lens. Students are encouraged to engage in open discussions, ask tough questions, and seek understanding in a respectful way. We approach this by stressing the importance of listening while also sharing ideas and thoughts which will help our students to approach any question and situation with the utmost understanding and discernment. This approach empowers them to navigate complex issues with wisdom, empathy, and commitment to their Christian beliefs. Whether pursuing a college education, starting new careers, or becoming leaders in their communities, RCS graduates are equipped to make a positive impact while upholding their bold Christian beliefs. 

In a world that often challenges the foundations of our faith, Resurrection Christian School stands tall in our unwavering commitment to being boldly Christian. From its integration of faith and learning to its emphasis on the importance of critical thinking, RCS creates a generation of believers who are unafraid to stand up for their faith and values while also being respectful and empathetic to the people around them.

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