Helpful Study Tips as We Approach Finals Week

Helpful Study Tips as We Approach Finals Week

Finals Week is right around the corner, which is why we thought it would be helpful to post a few study tips for our RCS students! These tips are helpful for any test, quiz, or final. Feel free to print them after you’re finished reading them so that you can refer back to them next semester!


1) Study in manageable blocks: Separate your studying into small, 20-30 minute sessions.


2) Create a consistent study schedule: Set up specific times to study. Your brain will recognize the pattern and better retain the information.


3) Make connections between your various study topics: Connect your current information to previous information you already remember.


4) Use flashcards rather than just rereading your notes.


5) Set specific goals for each study session: Instead of overloading your brain with a large variety of information, it is better to focus on learning a particular concept.


6) Explain the concepts out loud to a parent or a study partner. This helps strengthen your understanding and ability to recall the information.


7) Test yourself with practice questions, or have a parent or study partner quiz you — you could even use your flashcards!


8) Find a study environment where you can be productive: try to find a quiet space where you can be alone and focus without distractions (unless you are studying with a parent or partner).


9) Don’t listen to distracting music while studying: classical or instrumental music is best if you need some sound.


10) Put your cell phone away while you study: Establish checking your phone as a reward for accomplishing the goal you set in tip 5 — put your phone in another room or give it to a parent so you aren’t tempted to look!


Good luck, and happy studying!

Download & Print the Study Tips:  Helpful Study Tips