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Diversity & Belonging

As many of us may know, February is Black History Month. At Resurrection Christian School, we like to not only focus on the amazing contributions of our African American culture but also, celebrate the unique contributions from many cultures. There has been a lot lately in the news and our society generally about diversity, equity, and inclusion, or “DEI.” While I think the roots of this were probably, generally good, it would appear this 3-word phrase has taken on a much more divisive tone. At RCS, we want to focus not on DEI per se, but rather on what we are calling “D & B”, or “Diversity and Belonging.”

What is Diversity & Belonging?

The idea is simple. Our desire is to show our students a proper, Biblical way to approach this topic without thinking one has to become “woke” to do so. We have been singing “…red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight…” for years as children. We may all have unique characteristics (i.e. diversity…I am aware of you, I know you, I  see” you), but there is room for us to be together (i.e. belonging), to have a place, to belong. We are not just “including” you, we actually want you here because you matter; you belong. How exactly do we do this in a healthy way firmly rooted in a solid, Biblical foundation and perspective?

The G.R.A.C.E. Initiative

In the coming months, you will see our D & B efforts expressed in the form of our G.R.A.C.E. Initiative. This acronym broadens the typical understanding of diversity. Looking at diversity only through the lens of skin color or gender does not take into account all the ways we are unique. Specifically, we will be approaching this topic by defining diversity as Gender, Race, Academic/Intellectual Ability, Culture, and Economic Status. For example, I am a white male. I may look upon other men who I think look like me and assume we are all the same. In psychology, this is actually called a “false consensus effect.” It is the idea that everybody thinks and has the same or similar values as I do. However, I know nothing of their mental abilities (A – academic), how they were raised, and the culture they came from (C – culture), nor necessarily their economic situation (E – economic status) in life.

Our God is a Creative God

This is the lens we want our students at RCS to possess. We want them to go beyond the present “diversity” narrative, which is often “woke” and too narrowly defined. Instead, we want to encourage them to embrace the fact we can be quite different from each other, but we belong together and, most importantly, we belong to Him! God is a creative God. His creation reflects this wonderful characteristic!


Written by Dr. Jerry Eshleman