Creating Your Northern Colorado Summer Bucket List

Creating Your Northern Colorado Summer Bucket List

If you recently relocated to Fort Collins in the winter or this less than lively spring, you have yet to experience the real Fort Collins. If you’re a local and you think the town has become boring and dried out, you’ve probably only touched the tip of the iceberg. Fort Collins and all of Northern Colorado is known for being multi-layered and brimming with culture and opportunities for adventure. If you’re worried about getting bored during the summer, never fret, for Resurrection Christian School has done the digging to find out the best ways to find wholesome entertainment that the whole family can enjoy. Start making a list, because we’ve collected a whole slew of activities, you may be hard-pressed to complete all of them, just because of the sheer number of them.

The Classic Day Trip

Every summer would not be complete without a day at the pool. City Park Pool offers a charming backdrop to your water adventures with slides and plenty of water features to play with all day. It’s a great way to thaw out from the winter and our stormy spring and get plenty of those rays to start that safe tan. The daily admission rings in at $7 for adults and only $6 for youths which they classify as anyone between 2 and 17. If you’re looking for something a little more exciting, pile into the car and head down to Denver’s Waterworld to take a spin on their water coaster. With two wave pools and quite a few animatronic enhanced water rides, you won’t know what boredom is.

Step Through a Time Warp

The Holiday Twin Drive-In is one of the only remaining drive-ins in the entire United States. It’s been apart of the community for over 50 years and it’s exactly as charming as you’d think. It’s cheaper than a regular theater and you can bring your own snacks without a problem. Get two still-in-theaters movies for only $7 per person, if you don’t have a hatchback, be sure to bring plenty of lawn chairs so you can stay comfy while watching.

Take a Spin on A Trolley

The trolley tracks you’ve seen throughout all of downtown Fort Collins used to act as the means of public transportation around the town. While it’s not the best option for getting into town anymore, it’s still totally charming and a really fun and relaxing ride. The car traversing the tracks now is a refurbished car from 1919 that runs around City Park and up Mountain Avenue, the beautiful street filled with old Victorian and modern homes with towering trees and lush green grass. It’s open from noon to 5 p.m on Saturdays and Sundays until September.

Are You A Dog Lover?

The City Park Pool hosts an event for pooches to take a dip in the pool in August. It’s known as the Pooch Plunge and is totally adorable and hilarious to watch the puppers play in the water together. Even if you don’t have a pup, it’s a great time to go and watch and then pet the puppies. Although, not everything can be a learning opportunity over the summer. Watching a graceful animal maneuver through the water. You could easily bring the conversation back to fluid dynamics in action which is always fascinating and enriching. If you attend Resurrection Christian School, you’re paying for the best private high school available and ensuring that scholarly conversation is a regular part of your day can only enhance your student’s learning experience even while on hiatus.

Enjoy Artisan Works

Jessup Farm used to be a fully working farm, now it’s a charming artisan village full of fun things to do. Though it’s origins are from 1957, Jessup Drive has been refurbished into a modern and vintage crossover that is super charming. It’s perfect for your mid-week summer days. Try out some of the pastries and coffee at the coffee shop and try shopping the tiny artisan shops or check out Jessup Farm Barrel House to try out some Funkwerks barrel aged and experimental beers. Although the kids can’t join in, they stock the brewery with plenty of games and activities for the kids and the fermentation sciences are always a fascinating topic of discussion that can only be fueled by Funkwerks innovation in their beers.

Try Out The Newest Summer Trend

While it’s always good to encourage intelligence based off of core knowledge, encouraging physical intelligence. Understanding how your body moves and works is a key portion to becoming a good athlete and developing healthy habits throughout life. Head up to Horsetooth Reservoir for some hiking and paddleboarding. Paddleboarding is a challenging and entertaining exercise that will teach how to control and move your body to improve balance. Discussing physics can only enrich the private education even while on hiatus.

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