Creating Your Northern Colorado Summer Bucket List - Part Two

Creating Your Northern Colorado Summer Bucket List ( Part Two)

Resurrection Christian School is here because of our absolute passion to create the scholars and successful people of tomorrow.  We understand that it’s important to keep the mind active and display real-world application of the core knowledge that they’re building up. While a bored mind can accomplish much, sometimes family time and summer activities just can’t be beaten. We’ve compiled several Fort Collins related activities that will enrich their education while still holding the summer-fun-time vibe that will make their childhood memorable. If you’re interested in booking out your summer with great activities, check out our last blog on the subject and buckle in for a few more from this series as we’ve done extensive research to bring you the very best summer FoCo activities.

Check Out Estes Park

We know it’s not in Fort Collins and it’s a decent drive time away, but a visit to Estes Park is endless fun. Apart from streets dripping in ice cream and fudge shops paired with charming mountain town aesthetics, it’s a must-see every summer. While family tradition will create great memories for the future, Estes Park is still full of more than charm: history and natural sciences. The Stanley Hotel is more than a beautiful relic, it’s a piece of Colorado history. As the mansion built by F.O Stanley who would go on to make one of the first marvels of the machine the Stanley Steamer. You can glimpse the steam-powered vehicle on the tour as well as his wife’s haunted piano and some of the other famous rooms. Originally opened in 1909, F.O Stanley retreated to the mountains of Colorado for the “healing air.” After that, the hotel has been an attraction to tourists for it’s supposed, ghostly residents. The 90-minute tour that the hotel offers includes highlights like the room where Stephen King slept in 1973 so that he might craft “The Shining” which was inspired by the secluded hotel. If you choose to stay, you can watch both film versions of the novel, the one King directed and filmed on site at the Stanley and the one Kubrick created, which is the more notable piece. They play on a loop on every TV in the hotel.

Study The Culinary Arts in Foco

Let’s face it, a huge part of being a successful adult is being able to cook for yourself. Inspiration from the culinary arts is easily inspired by finding and tasting incredible food. While enhancing the curriculum for your child’s learning experience with an appreciation for Oscar Wilde and Faulkner is important, teaching them to take care of themselves is key to ensuring they become functioning parts of society. Checking out the Rally in City Park is a great way to start teaching them about what’s easy to make and what’s worth letting someone else make for you. Since the Rally only consists of food trucks, all the food will be pretty easy to put together, but this is a great way to sample it all. On Tuesdays, plenty of food trucks gather along Sheldon Drive and serve until around dusk. They feature live music and the only thing you have to pay for is the delicious food itself. If you’re interested in hitting on a more agricultural piece of the food sciences, head over to the peach festival on August 19th. It’ll occupy the Civic Center and Washington park accented by an accompanying 5k walk and run. They’ll include peach pies, fresh Palisade peaches, live music and plenty of kids activities.

Private School Enhanced Natural Sciences

A private education, especially from a Christian academy is one that already knows how to enhance details, but further efforts when outside of school would never be frowned upon. Luckily, Northern Colorado as a whole offers plenty of outdoor experiences to enhance the study and effects of natural sciences. For example, tubing the Poudre River is a great experience because it’s relaxing and fun but filled with references to biology and gives the opportunity to check out all of the ecosystems along the Poudre. The water levels are safest for tubing right around mid-July and up into August. There are some tips to review and safety guidelines that you’ll definitely want to follow. While young children might enjoy the thought of the tubing, it’s probably better suited to high school students. If your family is full of runners, check out a couple of the various 5K options. There’s the Human Race where runners try to beat the trolley car along Mountain Avenue and the Firecracker 5K that will make your 4th of July a little healthier.

Living Breathing History

While the Stanley Hotel is already a living piece of history, there a few more niche places that you can go to town to check out some more historical places. If you want to start off easy, check out some of the flea markets on College Avenue past Harmony. They’re full of odd trinkets from the 1900s and modern times. Flip through absurdly old photos with barely visible subjects or check out real doeskin gloves with sewn-on real seed pearls. The flea markets are full of kooky finds including refurbished furniture. Shopping doesn’t mean buying as these little markets are closer to museums than shops, but adding historical character to your home wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

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