Getting Involved With The Community

Resurrection Christian School works hard to incorporate a community mentality within our student body. Getting involved in your community at a young age can have a variety of benefits on health and social interactions. It also increases a sense of belonging when they are able to develop a connection with their surroundings and people they may not see everyday. Today, we’re going to go through some ways to help get you child not only involved with the community, but excited about doing it.

Find an Activity of Interest

One of the primary ways to ensure your child will be excited about their involvement with a community activity is by searching for an activity that includes an interest of theirs. For example, if your child loves to be outside, find a volunteer opportunity that involves things like yard work for elderly individuals, or building homes for individuals who may not have them (such as Habitat for Humanity). If you have noticed your child enjoys being active and engaging, consider something along the lines of a Big Brother Big Sister program, if age permits. There are always areas to get plugged into within a community, start with those which will feel fun versus feeling like a chore.

Make it a Tradition

An initial way to get the ball rolling on involvement is by making it a family endeavor. There are innumerable opportunities to take advantage of as a family, like serving at a food bank. Oftentimes, there will be a meal for the homeless around holidays, and families can get involved by serving food, setting up tables and chairs, or clean up afterward. Making it a holiday tradition to serve at a food bank once or twice a year is a great way to instill a foundational understanding of the importance of community, as a whole family unit. Additionally, children are more likely to have an adjusted perspective on just how blessed they really are, and how important it is to give back.

Clubs & Classes

Do you have a child that loves to play sports or paint? Look for local sport clubs to have them join, or community art classes to take. Again, find something to cater to your child’s specific interests. This is a great way to have them meet other students who may not be in the same school, or class as your child. As their involvement continues, it’s likely they will be more apt to developing healthier relationships with other individuals, and stay involved with their community.

Check Into Events

Local events are often posted on the city’s website, or placed on flyers around town. You may actually be surprised at how much goes on. Between craft fairs, farmer markets, dog park events, fundraisers for a variety of events, neighborhood organizations, get-togethers, and the like, you are likely to find multiple opportunities your child, and the family as a whole, will love.

Community involvement has been shown to have a positive effect on students who are involved throughout their schooling. The more active and involved they are, the more likely the are to attend school, have better academic scores, and less likely to deal with depression.

Resurrection Christian School is a private school dedicated to providing a boldly Christian atmosphere, where students will be academically equipped and globally prepared. We are a school who’s passionate about our community and partner with those around us to give back. Visit our website today to schedule a tour and enroll today to join the RCS family.