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The Benefits of Taking Advanced Placement and Dual Credit Classes in High School

September 7, 2023

High school is a crucial period of time for students as they begin to plan and prepare for the future. As students progress through high school, new opportunities for courses become available for students. Two popular options for high school students are advanced placement (AP) and Dual Credit courses. Both options are highly recommended to…

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Helping Your Child Study- Part 2

June 4, 2020

As we discussed in our previous blog, helping your child develop healthy study habits is a great way to help them succeed in and out of the classroom. Especially when it comes to testing, parents also have an opportunity to connect with their child during the studying process. In our last blog, we addressed some…

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Social Acceptance in School

March 25, 2017

Anyone who’s gone through middle and high school understands the level of importance when it comes to being included with your peers. Statistically speaking, middle school is a foundational time where students will often choose their social group, and remain with that group, throughout the remainder of their schooling. Belonging to a particular group of…

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Benefits of Extracurricular Activities

March 3, 2017

Getting your student involved in extracurricular activities is beneficial for more than just exercise and creative outlets. Multiple studies have been performed and the results are a lot more influential than initially understood. At Resurrection Christian School, we strive to provide a place for each individual to fit and feel a part of their community.…

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Resurrection Values

February 16, 2017

Setting your child up for success is the goal of every parent. Passionate and intentional leadership is hard to find, and trusting your child to another environment for five days a week requires a high level of trust. Your child’s day to day life outside of your home is equally, if not more important than…

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Establishing Healthy Study Habits

February 15, 2017

High school brings on a unique sense of responsibility. Sports become more competitive, academic performance more crucial, and involvement more necessary than prior years. In the midst of all these commitments, it’s important, as a student, to learn now to navigate and manage your world to set you up for future success. At Resurrection Christian…

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Our Values

December 14, 2016

Value, purpose, and a sense of belonging. All of these attributes are debatably some of the most important and desired qualities any parent is searching for when weighing their child’s education. Regardless of age, choosing a school requires an overwhelming amount of research, consideration, and contemplation. Resurrection Christian School has built a foundation focused on…

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High School Finals Schedule

November 28, 2016

High School finals are quickly approaching. Please find the schedule for HS finals only here.

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Aspire Testing Coming Soon

October 17, 2016

Ninth-graders will be taking the Aspire test on Wednesday, Nov. 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 30th and also Tuesday, Nov. 15th during their 7th-hour seminar class. Tenth graders will be taking the Aspire test on Monday, Nov. 7th in Theater 1 in the church building.  The test will take the entire school day.  They will start testing…

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RCS drama spring performance

February 12, 2016

The Resurrection Christian School drama department proudly presents “Anything Goes”, with shows beginning February 25. For showtimes and tickets, please click here.

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